Donation Instructions

Once you click on the Donate button, you will see a new screen with Donation information.


Type in the number you wish to donate, knowing that the last two digits will be after the decimal point.


For example, if you wish to donate $5.00, as shown above, simply type in a 5 then a 0 then another 0. The decimal point will be filled in automatically with the last two 0s being to the right of the decimal point.


For $50, type in 5000 and the decimal point will be filled in after two spots. For $100, type in 10000 and the last two zeroes will be after the decimal point.


You can always select "Cancel and return to" if you make a mistake or get confused. 

After you type in the correct dollar amount you wish to donate, select one of the 2 options:

Donate with PayPal

(if you have a PayPay account and wish to use that)


Donate with a Debit or Credit Card 

(if you wish to use Debit or Credit)

After you select an option, you will be taken to a SECURE website that will either a) ask for your PayPal login information and Log You In to your PayPal account, or b) ask you for your Debit or Credit Card information.

If you selected Debit or Credit, you will be prompted for your card information and then presented with a button at the bottom of the screen that says "Donate Now". Once you select that button, your donation is complete!  Thank you!