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Check out our Resources page first, for things such as baby goods, job aides, budgeting tools, etc...


For those coming to the Food Pantry (970 Rozier Street, the glass double doors facing the highway in the Eric Scott building) for assistance:

First time visitors - please bring proof of ALL forms of public assistance.

All visitors will need to please bring Proof of Current Address, such as a utility bill or a check stub (driver's licenses and junk mail will NOT be considered proof of current address).

All visitors will also need to bring their Food Stamp (SNAP) Card.

All visitors will also need to bring proof of public assistance any time that the public assistance changes in any way.

If you are requesting help:

Please provide as much detail as possible in the Help field below.

If you need Utility Assistance, please provide your Gas, Electric or Water company and account number (i.e. Citizens Electric, account number A123456.


If you need Prescription assistance, please provide the pharmacy you use (i.e. CVS, Country Mart, etc..)


If you need rental assistance, please provide your Landlord's name and number.

For ALL applicants requesting assistance, please provide:

- A list of all individuals currently living in the household with you as well as their birth dates

- All Public Assistance currently being received

- Food Stamps received (include $ amount) 

- MO Healthnet info

- Temporary Assistance info

- Public Housing Assistance info

- Women, Infants and Children (WIC) info

- Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)

- Supplemental Aid to the Blind (AB) - include who and how much

- Disability: Supplemental Security Income (include names of who is receiving DI/SSI and the amount received per month)

- Who in the household is working (include where and monthly income)

- Anyone who is self-employed, receiving social security, pension, alimony or child support (please include names and amounts received per month)

- Names of all veterans living in the Household

Thanks for submitting!

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